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Lake Iseo and the Islands

Lake Iseo and the Islands

Lago d'Iseo - PanoramaLAKE d'Iseo (Sebino), seventh lake in Italy by extension, is a lake too big to be a mountain lake and too small to break into the big tourist business but always for those who can look inside the postcard there are many reasons to fall in love, "a comma in the blue-green, nestled between the plains and hills", a poet would say...

The perimeter is sixty kilometers across, with the opposite side that is never out of sight sight because the average width is 2 and a half kilometers. It is 185 meters above sea level and at the deepest point touches the 251 meters. Around, the landscape of the lower lake, and then, as it goes up north, gentle hills opening in to the first Alpine foothills, is nestled beautifully between the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia and its tributaries are Oglio and Borlezza while his emissary Oglio.

Certainly since prehistoric time Lake Iseo was inhabited, it is deduced from the numerous remains of pile dwelling of Sarnico, a charming city located on the south shore of Lake Iseo, also with works engraved on rocky material slabs polished by glaciers, the area of Capo di Ponte is the chief witness.. Then come the Etruscans who went up north and established settlements on the edge of the valleys, such as the Camonica Valley, where there are also the Camuni with their presence documented right from the Bronze Age to Roman times. The Roman Empire, its decline and end, the barbarian invasions and dominations that have followed, Even Frederick Barbarossa goes in Valle Camonica in 1161 looting and torching Iseo.

Lago d'Iseo - Barche3Lake Iseo today has a strong economy based on tourism, where the best time is in Summer, stretching between May and September: In this period the lake and its people are very lively with numerous activities and events that accompany their wonderful hospitality, such as sailing regattas, diving, concerts, dancing, and the most hospitable events you can imagine. Various sports such as swimming, fishing, diving, windsurfing and sailing, the latter privileged by the regular breeze brightening the days on the banks of Lake Iseo.

MONTE ISOLA (or Montisola) is, as the name implies, a mountain on an island that bisects Lake Iseo: hence the Brescia side and beyond Bergamo’s one. It has a total area of ​​4.5 square kilometers, a circumference of 9km and an altitude of up to 600 meters. There are many small villages that determine it’s uniqueness. Everywhere stone houses, ancient doorways, porches, patios and gardens. Streets and alleys open way toward the lake or climb up to the vetta.monteisola A link between land and lake, still very much alive today that has always characterized the daily life, social relationships, but also the economy of the island Monteisola. From these elements originated the construction of wooden boats, the art of manufacturing fishing nets and techniques of drying fish. Activities, born by primary needs, now form the peculiarity of Monte Isola. Precious elements of uniqueness and the beauty of the landscape, the environment and the living traditions have allowed the island to be included in the exclusive club of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Definitely recommend a nice hike to the sanctuary of Our Lady of Ceriola, placed at the top of the island, the sanctuary preserves precious paintings and gives a splendid view over the entire Lake Iseo.

ISLE OF LORETO is located north of Montisola, now privately owned, in the late fifteenth century was property of the Sisters of St. Clare, and a convent was constructed there. In 1910 a castle was already built, with a small harbour and two small towers in neo-Gothic style, by Cav. Vincenzo Richieri, around it had grown a magnificent park.
ISLAND OF ST PAUL dedicated to the apostle Paul, the navigator who so often fought and overcame storms in the Mediterranean Sea. On March 1091 the sailors donated it to the monastery of Cluny, who established a priory, dependent, however, from the monastery in Bergamo, S Paul D 'Aragon Val Cavallina. The priory of Cluny, succeeded in summarizing the hospitality of this station. the island would now be owned by the family Beretta (the famous manufacturers of weapons of Val Trompia).

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