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Pub and Breakfast

… Starting the day correctly


It is from here where your day will start, how they say it here, “Il buon giorno si vede dal mattino” roughly translated to “You can tell it’s going to be a good day from the morning”, underlining the importance to start the day off on the right foot. From sweet foods to salty foods , according to your tastes, but what you will notice is the quantity and the quality in your breakfast that will leave you satisfied, proposing you fresh and genuine products, with a taste that will give a nice and sweet awakening and that will prepare you for the day to come.

It’s like that how every morning the pub turns into a welcoming breakfast room with a rich buffet, a perfume of freshly baked croissants, coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate and a variety of teas. You will be surprised by our quality, by our fresh fruit, cold cuts, eggs and courtesy of our staff. It is our way to wish you a good day. In spring and in the summer you can have your breakfast outside on the terrace so you can admire the beauty of Mount Guglielmo.

…. And the evening to finish well the day



After dinner in the restaurant you can enjoy yourself in the pub. It has been decorated to resemble an old English Pub.

It is the perfect place to meet up after an exhausting day of hiking, heated by a fireplace it is the perfect place to tell others about your day.

In company of friends and family you can enjoy a glass of beer while listening to enjoyable music, sometimes live or more likely enjoying good company.

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