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Our mountains

Our mountains

Mount Guglielmo, is the King of the Prealps of Brescia, the first mountain that you see from the plains, the closest among those whitewashed on the top for several months during the year. Formed by limestone rocks, situated between the Valley Camonica and Sebino, has a high levels of biodiversity, with the presence of species of flora and fauna, rare or endangered.

Mount Guglielmo is also the mountain on top of which you can enjoy an unforgettable view, ranging from the Alps with the Monte Rosa, the Alps Orobiche the Presolana and the Adamello to the Po Valley with Lake Garda, Lake Iseo, Franciacorta and the city of Brescia, Bergamo and Milan, up to the Apennines.

The peak, top destination in all seasons for hikers of all experience, accomodate a monument to the Redeemer opened in 1902. Destroyed by weathering the monument was rebuilt in 1966. It was recently placed a new portal with a valuable sculpture of Pope John Paul II that watches the nearby statue of Pope Paul VI from Brescia.

Original and pleasant on it’s name, Corna Trentapassi, resembling a beautiful pyramid of grass and rock overlooking the high Lake Iseo. The name maybe originated from a local locution “tre tapash” with the meaning of "three strains," indicating the three elevations of the top viewed from the North, from the Val Camonica.

1,400 meters of rock rising from beneath the lake, forming an imposing rock barrier that until the construction of the coastal road (1850) obstructed the access to the Valley Camonica.

Back then the only way was to follow the ancient Via Valeriana east of the mountain, to the Passo Croce di Zone, as already had done the legions of Publio Silio against the Camuni, and did later Napoleon's armies too.

Nice path on mountain ridges, varied and enjoyable. The summit with its location offers a clear view of Lake Iseo, showing north to south one of the most beautiful views of the Province.

Mount Aguina is covered by rich herbage, home to mountain pastures where in summer herds are brought to traditionally produce fine cheeses. Tredici Piante is the summit, named after the singularity of having a vegetation composed of only 13 beech trees, is the starting point for descents with the Paragliding.

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