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The Forest of Gnomes offers beautiful nature walks, and all its grandeur is embodied in the many varieties of flowers and greenery. Because of this is truly an enchanted place. He is the kingdom of the imagination, always privileged place of fairy tales ...

Tom Thumb, Little Red Cap, Snow White, even for them sometimes the forest seems a perilous place, with dense vegetation and arduous steep paths. But always the fable’s characters manage to escape unharmed, because in reality it is a magical place, positive.

So then, for those walking in Göi de la Tromba - Polset,  just outside the village and along the road that from Zone leads to the top of Mount Guglielmo, you will be immersed in a dreamy atmosphere encountering a series of creatures with forms mostly fantastic.

An army of sentinels composed mostly of gnomes in love, prosperous mothers, patriarchs and big matrons, but also bears, wolves, hares, frogs, foxes and cats and even Pinocchio, many wonderful characters and great to serve as guardians to the Magic Forest.

Admiring the wonderful surroundings, almost as an illustrated story, everyone can let the imagination run wild, then even the climb weighs no more and perhaps you may well find a small squirrel, hopping here and there before disappearing quickly into the branches of trees, or meet the funny “Red” (Luigi Zatti) artist at work, on the process of turning the forest’s logs into other imaginative sculptures.

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