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Restaurant Antica Valeriana

Typical is the word of the day in our Ancient Valerian Restaurant. We offer simple ingredients that, with refined preparation make every plate unique, from the fresh pastry’s we make at home, to the meat, to the fruit, to the vegetables and to the cheese, that comes from farms that we give all our trust into for many years.

We will be able to make you feel at home with our dishes, from the Casoncelli to our Tagliatelle with sauce done with boar meat, to our Risotto, to our Deer Ribs with red wine from Franciacorta, to our Cut Beef, Polenta, Mushrooms, Roasts, etc…

Everything will be accompanied by a selection of wine from all the Italian Regions, with a particular reference to an area near us called Franciacorta. Perfectly in line with the philosophy of the Home, we make sure to choose mostly the widely known classics, but we will also present you wines that very few know.

You will have the possibility to enjoy a Restaurant that has a lot of variety. We are at your disposal to organize candle-light dinner, breakfast, any type of ceremony, birthday parties or simply to try a nice dish or a pizza in a nice and warm environment.

We also have a large open-roof terrace with a view of Mount Guglielmo for the hot season.

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